The Russian Orthodox Church condemned LGBT censorship in the world

Vladimir Legoida, head of the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate for Church Relations with Society and the Media, said that censorship of Christian authors is flourishing in a number of the world’s largest companies.

In particular, he noted that Amazon has banned the sale of Ryan Anderson’s book “When Harry Became Sally” in its stores. In it, the author projects a skeptical view of transgender people with arguments. At the same time, the Internet site refused to cancel its decision due to the negative reaction, explaining that the company will not “sell books that represent LGBT identity as a mental illness.”

“In practice, this standard gives Amazon full justification for censoring any content that represents the traditional Christian view of gender issues,” he said.

Legoyda added that this practice puts LGBT writers in a quandary.

“Such a policy essentially imposes restrictions on the expression of the Christian position,” – explained the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church.


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