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Some pensioners will receive a double pension in December. This was recalled on Friday, November 25, by Associate Professor of the Department of State and Municipal Finance of the Russian University of Economics. G.V. Plekhanov Galina Semenova.

In an interview with the Prime agency, she explained that this is due to the non-working days of banks and post offices during the January holidays. That is why those citizens whose pension is accrued before the 8th day will be paid ahead of schedule, Semenova added.

She noted that pensioners who receive payments after the 8th will receive them on time.

In addition, she said that although special payments and material gifts on the occasion of holidays are not provided for pensioners from the Pension Fund, some of them may receive congratulations from former employers.

“This can be a payment of up to 4 thousand rubles, which are not subject to personal income tax and insurance premiums. There is no need to report to the tax authorities for these amounts, ”Semenova specified.

Earlier, on November 14, lawyer Irina Sivakova said that pensioners who care for relatives will be able to apply for an increase in their pension in the amount of 2,400 rubles from December 2022. According to her, in order to receive the so-called compensation payment, before the end of November, one must apply for it to the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR).

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