The shadow of Ded Khasan: how and why they shot Alik Ryzhy

The murder in an elite fitness club was most likely revenge.

A well-known crime boss, thief in law Albert Heydarov (Alik Ryzhiy) was killed on Monday in Moscow. He was shot in the style of gangster action – while jogging in an elite fitness club. The investigation hot on the trail suggested that the threads lead to the city on the Neva, where once they tried to eliminate Alik Ryzhy.

Heydarov was shot at 14.50, and the killer was not embarrassed by the abundance of witnesses. In the gym of the fitness club of the elite complex on Aviation Street, in addition to the killer and the victim, there were at least three other athletes, a man and two girls. Moreover, the hall itself is equipped with a video surveillance system, so the whole scene was recorded by a camera. The bandit, not in the least hurry, fired several times at the thief with a submachine gun, then put the weapon in his bag and disappeared.

In a fitness club, the deceased bought a subscription as Gennady Petrov. That is why the identity of the victim was not immediately established. When it became clear that the murder was a contract murder and belonged to the category of a war of criminal clans, the residential complex was cordoned off. But it is obvious that the killer had prepared escape routes. Quite quickly, it was possible to establish the identity of the alleged shooter, even his name was called – Taleh, a native of Azerbaijan. However, in hot pursuit, the operatives could not catch the killer.

Ali Heydarov, a native of Ganja, made his criminal biography in Arkhangelsk. He got the nickname “Red” for a lock of white hair. In Arkhangelsk, he joined one of the local gangster clans – the Komsomolskoye organized crime group. Local “bros” covered, including fruit merchants. For extortion, Alik Ryzhiy received his first term. He later moved to St. Petersburg, where he joined the local mafia clans. In the same place, in September 2012, he received the title of thief in law – the leader of the Russian underworld Ded Hasan sent his consent to the “coronation”. Gradually, Heydarov became his proteges, wiping away other large figures from Aslan Usoyan. This, of course, could not but anger the rest of the thieves. In 2014, they tried to kill Alik Ryzhy, but the killers were detained at the last moment, and he himself quickly moved to Turkey. However, even abroad he was not allowed to live in peace. During a strange accident (a car suddenly burst a wheel), Heydarov’s son was seriously injured. Then he was nearly beaten to death while meeting with gangsters in the city of Edirne. Heydarov considered it a blessing to return to St. Petersburg.

But the return did not turn out to be triumphant either. Trying to replenish the thieves’ hostel, the authority was caught robbing car owners while selling a car, and received 7 years in prison. However, in the correctional colony, he cooperated with the administration in every possible way, participated in amateur performances and, as a result, “earned” a parole for himself. The thieves’ world was extremely skeptical about such changes: for the time being, Heydarov was even deprived of the status of a thief in law.

In February of this year, Alik Ryzhiy widely celebrated his 40th birthday. As a joke, the mummers, disguised as Spenazites, bowed their heads to him and prostrated themselves.

The main version of the murder of Heydarov remains the revenge of the thieves’ world for cooperation with law enforcement officers. The version was circulated that he received a parole for some testimony against the leaders of the mafia. However, it is possible that Alik Ryzhy was considered the unofficial customer of the murder of another authority Nadir Salifov or Lota Guli. He was shot dead in Istanbul last August. Even during the life of grandfather Khasan, two gangsters were at enmity for the right to be considered Usoyan’s closest associates, and this enmity did not subside after his death.

Murder in the gym: unknown shot in the back of authority Alik Ryzhy

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Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28517 dated April 13, 2021

Newspaper headline:
Alik Ryzhy was shot on the run


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