The six stooges – 08/04/2021 – Ricardo Melo

It would be incredible, if it weren’t so degrading, to see the stage that the so-called Brazilian political class and its guarantors went down to. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions of importance here.

Brazil counts about 4,000 daily deaths caused by the pandemic. It accounts for 27% of the world’s deaths, in a country with 2.7% of the global population. Hunger, under the euphemism “food insecurity”, affects half of Brazilians. Cities like São Paulo organize emergency schemes … to open vertical graves and cemeteries. They use school transport vans to load coffins.

Martyrdom is renewed every day. But “they only think about that”. And give him manifests and speeches.

One of the most defiant was that of the six stooges. Name to the oxen: João Doria (PSDB, governor of SP); Eduardo Leite (PSDB, gaucho governor); João Amoedo (president of Novo); Luiz Mandetta (DEM, former Minister of Health); Luciano Huck (???); Ciro Gomes (PDT).

With his usual fuss and cynicism, his excellencies launched a “manifest for democratic conscience”. Under the pretext of distancing themselves from the disaster, they wrote a text in which they do not mention, at any time, the person on duty for the demolition of freedoms, social conquests, sovereignty – himself, Jair Bolsonaro.

Five of the signatories hide that they supported or availed themselves of the support of the captain expelled from the Army to exercise their positions. “Bolsodoria”, government minister, leverage in Minas Gerais, “global” presenter – there is room for everyone who wants to slow down Brazil’s progress.

Highlight for the sixth, Ciro Gomes, an upstart caudillo. Histrionic in the language, he chilled his career when it came to preventing the victory of the chief militiaman. He fled to Paris. In return, he wants to give lessons in morals and ethics. It provokes laughter, and nothing more, when he wants to fight for a place of opposition to Jair Bolsonaro that he helped to elect.

Ciro has gone through at least six captions. He never managed to build a support base. His “bosom friend” is Tasso Jereissati, a cardinal toucan from the same strain. It is ridiculous to see him wanting to face Lula, leader of the country’s largest political party. How many bottles does he have to offer? Only if they are the Coca-Colas bottles that Jereissatti bottles at a bargain price in the Northeast.

Although more showy, the manifesto of it is not known how many businessmen, economists, columnists, intellectualoid disclosed at the same time navigates in the same sewer.

Passing a sieve through those who sign it, it will be noticed that a good part supported Bolsonaro (whose name also does not appear in the document) and is now unhappy with the country’s dissolution.

Posing now of foreigners uninformed in copious texts only convinces the hostages of the Globo da vida networks and their printed and electronic substitutes.

Like this? Bolsonaro never hid his instincts in 30 years of transferring in Parliament. In the campaign in which he escaped from the debates after an ill-explained stab, he always made it clear that he wanted to transform Brazil into the hereditary captaincy of his class on board the stuffed capital and the obedient media.

Oh, and the PT? The PT is not well in the photo. On the contrary: it is very bad. Lula’s return to the political scene obviously rekindled a flame in the party and stirred political chess. But the speech of the leaders points in the same direction: to guarantee a candidacy in 2022. And until then?

Successive surveys show that the biggest victims of the pandemic trawler are the poorest. In São Paulo, the proportion reaches 80%. With the new emergency aid of a tiny R $ 250 per month on average, the misery will spread even more. In 2022, it will be more than a year and a half of thousands of daily deaths.

Doesn’t the Workers’ Party, the opposition, have anything to do with it? What is the use of having a majority in the Chamber? This is true for the PT as well as for the “presidential” boquirrotos who command an important slice of that centão.

The immediate departure of Bolsonaro and his gang is task number one. For yesterday. There are more than 100 impeachment requests shelved in Congress. Interdiction is also possible.

I think that Bolsonaro has already shelved a reelection project. Your biggest concern is the chain. The changes in the top of the Armed Forces and the Federal Police are nothing more than a shielding scheme against the mountain of evidence of fraud and robbery and fraud by him and his family.

The rest be damned. Health without money, vaccines as far as the eye can see, canceled census, broad-based education, adrift economy, hunger invading the sidewalks.

How many more dead will it take to eject this militiaman immediately?

PS: in the previous article, I changed the name of Auro Moura Andrade to that of Ranieri Mazzilli. I apologize. It was a strain error, not a virus. Both have always been the cause of dictatorial authoritarianism.

PS2: on the same day that Brazil exceeded more than 4,000 deaths, Araraquara (SP) did not register any deaths for the second time. News reports pointed out the fact, less than the mayor of the city (more than 240 thousand inhabitants) who imposed the sanitation lockdown and has saved hundreds of lives is Edinho Silva, from PT.

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