The State Duma introduced a ban on the removal of pets for debts

The State Duma on Tuesday adopted in the third reading a bill that introduces a ban on the withdrawal from citizens for debts of pets that are not used in business.

Today, the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation contains a list of farm animals that cannot be levied on execution documents. It will now be supplemented with a reference to pets defined in the Responsible Animal Treatment Act.

According to the text, animals that are not used in entrepreneurial activities cannot be seized.

As the speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin noted earlier, such changes need to be made “based on a humane attitude not only towards pets, but also towards their owners.” The politician pointed out that the animals become family members, their removal is “a very painful event.” According to Volodin, the new law “will prevent a tragedy that could unravel if the bailiffs take the animal.”

The authors of the document were the head of the committee for state construction and legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov and the head of the committee for ecology and environmental protection Vladimir Burmatov (both from the United Russia faction).


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