The State Duma proposed to track any remittances coming from abroad to the Russian Federation

The State Duma proposes to track any money transfers to Russia that come from a number of foreign countries. The deputies of the lower house want to discuss the corresponding amendments to the law on undesirable organizations in the second, main reading on Wednesday.

The initiator of the amendments is the head of the Duma commission for combating foreign interference Vasily Piskarev… Rosfinmonitoring suggested that United Russia monitor any transfers from countries that he and his colleagues consider hostile. Regardless of the amount, as well as the recipients of the money: whether they are ordinary people, legal entities or non-profit organizations. The list of countries is unknown. But the explanatory note deals with Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Georgia and a number of other countries. In them, according to Piskarev, Russians are taught at trainings to influence elections, organize riots and uncoordinated actions, the Kommersant newspaper writes. In turn, Vedomosti notes that the head of the commission for combating foreign interference proposed to make exceptions when analyzing transfers of NPOs. For example, do not check money transactions of horticultural associations and educational institutions. Charitable and other foundations will not be affected, Vedomosti notes. The authorities will also be able to check the transfers of relatives from other countries.

If the law is supported by both chambers and signed by Vladimir Putin, it may come into force in October. Earlier, Piskarev and his colleagues proposed to ban Russians from working in undesirable organizations around the world, and not just in our country. Echo of Moscow


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