The story of Azima .. Details of the Kurdish battles in the liberation of Kobani

The “Times” newspaper said that Azema Deniz, a leader in the “Women Protection Units” forces, played a major role in the victories that led to the defeat of ISIS in the city of Kobani in northern Syria, referring to the heroics of Kurdish women in that war that announced the beginning of the terrorist organization’s decline. in Syria.

The American author, Gail Limon, author of the book “Girls of Kobani”, explained that Denise, who belongs to the city of Qamishli in the province of Hasakah, had come to Kobani (Ain al-Arab) to lead a group of fighters who fought fiercely for the liberation of their city.

According to Limon, Deniz’s Azime had the certainty and will to liberate the city despite the difficulty of the task, especially at the beginning of the battles, especially since ISIS had achieved overwhelming victories in 2014 before it captured Kobani.

Regarding some of her memories of those battles, Azima says that one of her group’s fighters killed a sniper rifle by ISIS militants, before they pulled her body to slit her neck and cut her head, adding that she saw her friend’s head with her brown hair rolling away from her body amid a pool of blood.

There must be revenge

She emphasized that she no longer had any doubt that that would be her fate and the fate of her comrades in arms in case they fell into the hands of the terrorist organization’s elements. A military defeat for them. “

Azimah managed to save more than twenty fighters from certain death at the hands of ISIS

Despite the cruelty of the war, the brutality of the battles, the noise of weapons, the smells of gunpowder and blood, however, she was not accustomed to the death and separation of her friends, according to Azimah, who indicated that during the battles she did not have time to mourn and lament, in order to maintain her full focus and not allow ISIS to kill More of them.

On her interpretation of her role in the battles, Azimah explains: “The enemy is in front of me, this man who is standing nine feet away, has come to kill me. He slaughtered my people. My job is to kill him first, and that’s all.”

Troubled moments

And about the most difficult situation she faced during that war, she received a call from a group of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and they were besieged in a building from all sides, which means that they are about to lose their lives as no miracle happened to save them.

Immediately, Azimah set off with a girl and a young man from Kobani to one of the schools near the group’s site, as one of the besiegers pointed out to them because of the difficulty in using wireless devices that might be monitored by ISIS, but upon their arrival they could not identify the intended building.

Here, Azimah asked, via a phone call, from one of the besieged fighters to wave a red veil so that she knows their exact whereabouts, which is what happened.

“Daughters of Kobani” fighters … from a book to a global television work sponsored by Hillary Clinton The book “Girls of Kobani” is expected to receive great attention after its release soon on February 16th, especially as it will turn into an international television series, according to the “Air Force Times” website. “.

At that time Azimeh asked an artillery bombing unit of the Kurdish fighters to fire rockets and mortars around the building to create a dense wave of dust and smoke that helped out the trapped people from the building.

However, that plan was not successful, as the shells landed in a remote area of ​​the required building and did not achieve the desired purpose.

As the minutes and seconds passed quickly, Azima felt that the situation had become more dangerous, and that about 20 fighters were threatening to lose their lives as she did not act quickly.

Here, she says, her mind relieved her to another and last plan, as she used her phone connected to a Turkish communication network to communicate with the Americans to persuade them to launch an air raid in the buildings and sites where ISIS militants are stationed, and she was screaming anxiously: “There are 25 Kurdish unit fighters who will die if they do not come to their rescue. Quickly”.

After a series of contacts and painstaking negotiations, the international coalition has already launched an air raid after it obtained the appropriate coordinates from Azima, which led to the death and flight of ISIS elements present in the place, and here Azimah says that the concern remained left to her besieged comrades that they would mistakenly spend those raids But things went well, and everyone returned unharmed except for one injury.

After days of staying up late and fighting, Azimah finally decided to take a rest while repeating: “In the past, World War I and World War II … and now Kobane … the world will remember these battles for a long time.”

It is worth noting the book “Kobane’s Daughters” will be turned into a movie produced by a company owned by former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with her daughter.

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