The Tersky District will host the White Sea Herring Festival and the Pomor Regatta

Two unusual holidays will take place in the Tersk region. The festival of the White Sea herring will be held in Umba for the first time. The idea of ​​its holding arose not from an idle beginning, but from discussions of the problems of local fishermen. On June 25 at 18.00 a fish fair will open on the shores of the White Sea, a festive concert will be held, competitions and games will be held.

“It is important for Terskiy district to preserve the traditional way of life and cultural values ​​of the Pomors,” local residents explained the organization of the festival.

A week later, on July 3, the traditional Pomor rowing regatta-2021 will take place in Umba in the water area of ​​Malaya Pir-Guba at 12.00. Anyone who has reached the age of 14 with a doctor’s certificate stating that there are no health contraindications to participate in the competition is allowed to participate in the competition. True, there is one more condition – it is necessary to own or rent a wooden boat (karbas, driveways) and a life jacket.

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