The toughest lockdown in Russia: curfew and transport stops

Since Thursday, Khakassia has been going into a tough lockdown – the coronavirus, which has brought the local health care system to the brink of disaster. Governor Konovalov took unprecedented measures. For 9 days, not only are shops, cafes, cinemas and sports complexes closed, but a curfew is introduced – from 22.00 to 6 in the morning. And most importantly, in three large cities of the republic – Abakan, Chernogorsk and Sayanogorsk, the work of urban transport is suspended.

For the next 9 days, only taxi drivers will be able to deliver people, and then only those vaccinated against coronavirus or those who have had it. But people employed at enterprises of the so-called continuous cycle still need to go to work. Among them are doctors and nurses, housing and communal services workers, employees who ensure the safety of life and urban infrastructure. Now the main question for them is how to get to the workplace now.

“The announcement of the lockdown came as a big surprise to everyone. Although the situation in the republic is rather complicated. Even 30-year-olds are dying in our country, a very severe wave of coronavirus. All hospitals have already been redesigned for covid hospitals. The latter was converted to a narcological dispensary – alcoholics and drug addicts were sent to a psychiatric hospital, – says Olga Kolmagorova, editor of the MK-Khakassia website. – Most of all, I was impressed by the stop of public transport. Many do not know how they will get to work. The elderly do not know how to visit doctors now. In addition, dog owners are outraged by the curfew, because small or old dogs may be asked to go outside earlier or later than the authorized time. “

At the same time, Kolmagorova notes that many residents of Abakan support the decision of the republican authorities to introduce a lockdown. Kindergarten teachers, for example, complain that, despite being vaccinated, some of them have already had coronavirus three times. “Against this background, people are even ready to support the ban on public transport, because it is obvious to everyone that no one maintains any distance, does not wear masks,” our interlocutor says.

But not everyone is so calm. Even hospital staff, who, in principle, should be more interested in lockdown than others, on the afternoon of October 27 did not know how they would get to work the next morning or return home.

“Today I took over the shift, how they will return, I do not know yet. Maybe I’ll go on foot, if there is no transport at all. We were not provided with any bus from work, well, maybe they will come up with something else, there is time, ”says nurse Olga from the Remishevskaya Hospital in Abakan.

Entrepreneurs in Abakan, Chernogorsk and Sayanogorsk are trying to quickly purchase some goods that are included in the list of “essentials” so that their stores continue to work. In turn, rumors circulate in three cities that already on October 28, taxi prices will increase several times, because most people will not have another way to move quickly. True, a representative of Taxi Khakassia, located in Abakan, told the MK correspondent that the company had no such plans, and another Abakan taxi, Maxim, reported that there was no information on tariff changes yet.

Business Ombudsman of Khakassia Vasily Kudashkin explained to MK the behavior of cab drivers: “Most taxis in Khakassia ride under the guise of large aggregators. Accordingly, prices are not determined in Abakan. And where to go if most businesses are closed, including places of entertainment “

In social networks, the reaction of the population to the lockdown is fundamentally different. Passions are raging there. Curses are raining down at the head of Khakassia. Journalist Katerina Chernysheva believes that in this case we see a planned information campaign (aimed at discrediting Konovalov up to his resignation), which was joined by opponents of vaccination. “Konovalov is a red governor. Naturally, someone does not like this, and they are trying to put their own person at the head of Khakassia. “

But there are also objective reasons. One of those who are most outraged by the stop of public transport is the head of Sayanogorsk Mikhail Valov. According to him, this is a real disaster for the city. There is no municipal carrier in Sayanogorsk like in Abakan. There they conclude contracts for the work of urban transport with private companies. So one of the main owners of the bus fleet in the city said that in case of a ban on work during the lockdown period, he is not going to resume transportation after it is canceled. He just “leaves” the city. As a result, Sayanogorsk will lose 15 buses that carried passengers on 4 routes. Valov lamented that now a new competition needs to be held to resume transport communications, but none of the merchants wants to do this in the context of the coronavirus.

Against the background of such panic reports, the government of Khakassia declared that the problem was far-fetched. First, the leadership of the republic is confident that the need for public transport will decrease, because many people will have nowhere to go. Secondly, those who still need to work will be brought by their employers. This explanation from the government, as expected, caused a lot of ridicule on social networks. Critics believe that the employer will not pay its employees for taxi costs, and most private entrepreneurs will not be able to come up with anything else.

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Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” # 28655 dated October 28, 2021

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