The tragedy of a father thrown by his sons next to a garbage can after the death of their mother.. Video

Although the seventy-year-old Egyptian “Saleh M,” from Cairo Governorate, spent many years looking for a livelihood that would ensure safety for his young, his sons, when they became young, abandoned him and left him alone in a dark apartment in the red corner area, until he became unable to serve himself. After his wife died and he became confined to the walls of the apartment.

With the help of the neighbors, the homeless old man was able to go to the Ezbet Al-Nakhl area, where his daughter resides, but his shock was great after the daughter refused to receive her father, according to Mahmoud Waheed, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “With Us to Save a Human” Foundation, who confirmed that he had received a distress call from a resident of Ezbet Al-Nakhl. It states that there is an old woman lying on the ground next to one of the garbage cans, and here “alone” went in a hurry to save the man.

The foundation’s team went and there was another shock, after “Wahid” learned that the daughter of the homeless man was standing on the balcony and watching everything that was happening to her father in the street without moving a word: “She was spreading laundry on the balcony and the neighbors confirmed that she expelled him outside the apartment and none of his children He returned him, and the neighbors found nothing but an attempt to save him through us, and indeed we moved quickly and were able to bring him to the institution.”

The elderly entered the institution, carried on his shoulders, as he was unable to move, and the process of following up on his health began to ensure that he was free of diseases; In preparation for the provision of a bed for him among his fellow residents of the house: “He entered our clinic and it became clear that he suffers from Parkinson’s disease, and this is a difficult disease. Dealing with it must be very careful, and the man is safe with us and we will not abandon him no matter what.”

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