The true face of the “Brotherhood” .. a “bad loser” threatens to ignite Libya

The terrorist Brotherhood is anticipating the Libyan elections that it is certain of losing, with threats of violence and war, in the hope of disrupting the democratic process in this Arab and African country.

The terrorist Brotherhood’s threat of war and the siege of the Electoral Commission to disrupt the polling process in Libya highlights the group’s true intentions, and its fear of an expected electoral loss.

According to the statements of the head of the Brotherhood’s so-called “Supreme Council of State,” Khaled Al-Mashri, last Tuesday, the Brotherhood’s coup against the results of the upcoming constitutional elections has become dependent on the fate of the group’s candidates. Especially after its previous plans failed to exclude certain parties from running.

Al-Mashri not only threatened to besiege the Electoral Commission, and demanded that voting be disrupted by all means, but rather moved 22 leaders of the Libyan West militias to issue a statement rejecting the laws enacted by the Libyan parliament to organize the electoral process.

financial institutions

In this regard, the Libyan political writer and researcher, Ahmed Abu Arqoub, confirmed that the statements of the so-called Al-Mashri are tactical and reflect the readiness for war in the event that the group loses the position of President of the Republic in the elections scheduled for the end of next month.

Abu Arqoub added to “Al-Ain News” that Brotherhood leaders are preparing for the battle for survival, to make sure that they will lose the presidential and parliamentary elections.

He explained that Al-Mashri’s statements show the horror of some forces of losing their presence in Libya after the presidential and parliamentary elections and the new authorities’ expulsion from the country.

Abu Arqoub also said that the Libyan people are tired of the consensual democracy that allowed the Brotherhood to control the state’s financial institutions, including the central bank, which has become a prisoner of the group since the fall of the regime of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

For his part, Mukhtar Al-Jadal, a Libyan political analyst, expected that Al-Mashri’s statements would be a maneuver by the Brotherhood to cover up the presence of unknown candidates of the group’s affiliation in the voting process.

Al-Jadal added to “Al-Ain News” that “Al-Mashri is used to distorting the real people of the country in order to prepare for another confrontation and a new war,” explaining that the Commission had previously prepared for Al-Mashri’s plans and deployed branches in Libyan cities, in anticipation of the siege of its headquarters in the capital, Tripoli.

The political analyst stressed that the Brotherhood is working to exclude any national movement that participates in the upcoming Libyan elections.

The same thing was confirmed by the Libyan analyst Youssef Al-Farsi, who described Al-Mashri’s statements as “an attempt to overthrow legitimacy and thwart the elections to ensure that the Brotherhood remains in power.”

Al-Farsi explained to Al-Ain Al-Akhbariya that the Brotherhood feels the danger of the elections’ success, and the group’s absence from the political scene that entails them.

He pointed out that “the Brotherhood is seeking in every twisted way to skip the electoral elections, whatever the cost.”

The Libyan analyst saw that this trend is a “dangerous indication of the signs of political division and fragmentation again,” especially that the Brotherhood had previously overturned the election results in 2014, specifically when it turned against the elected parliament by implementing the military dawn of Libya.

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In turn, the head of the office of the Supreme Council of Libyan Tribal Sheikhs and Notables, Muhammad Al-Misbahi, said that the election train set out towards restoring stability and ending the 11-year-old crisis.

Al-Misbahi told Al-Ain Al-Akhbar that Al-Mishri’s emphasis on war and chaos gives evidence that the current of political Islam is exclusionary, and it wants to control power alone and embarrass the international community and the United States, which has vowed to impose sanctions on the pollsters.

Al-Misbahi stressed that what the Brotherhood seeks in Libya is to create a state of chaos and political and security instability to thwart the elections and stay in power as long as possible, noting that the Libyan people will not give up on holding the elections on time.

Since the election commission in Libya announced, last Sunday, the opening of candidacy for the presidential and parliamentary elections in the first half of next month, Libyan politicians and public figures have announced their intention to run, including Fathi Bashagha, the former Minister of Interior in the Government of National Accord, and Ahmed Maiteeq, the former Vice President of the Presidential Council.

The former diplomat Aref Al-Nayed, the former diplomat Abdel-Majid Ghaith Saif Al-Nasr, the Libyan comedian, Hatem Al-Kour, the former Libyan Foreign Minister, Dr. Abdel-Hadi Al-Hawij, the member of the House of Representatives Abdel Salam Nassiyah, and the Libyan diplomat Hafez Kaddour also announced their candidacy for the elections.

Several popular campaigns were also launched to support the candidacy of the commander-in-chief of the Libyan army, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, for the presidency. According to sources, these campaigns collected 800,000 popular recommendations to nominate Haftar.

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