The Tunisian president will appoint a new prime minister, while maintaining exceptional measures

Tunisian President Kais Saied said that the exceptional measures announced since last July 25 will continue until transitional laws are put in place and the electoral law is amended, and that he will designate a new prime minister.

Said chose the city of Sidi Bouzid to deliver his speech on Monday, amid chants calling for the dissolution of Parliament.

Saeed added, “We are making a corrective movement.” These exceptional measures will continue, and transitional provisions have been put in place, and a prime minister will be assigned within transitional provisions that respond to your will, and a new electoral project will be drawn up.

Tunisians have been awaiting for weeks what Said will decide on the frozen parliament and the current constitution, amid expectations that political reforms will be introduced, including mainly the system of government.

It is not clear the constitutional path that the president will take if he adheres to his pledge to respect the current constitution, which he used to impose exceptional measures on the pretext of an imminent danger to the state.

However, the transitional laws that President Said referred to in his speech open the doors to the possibility of repealing the current constitution.

Saeed vowed yesterday to reveal the facts and not to go back. He said he was now bound by the duty of reservation.

Saeed reiterated that “sovereignty is for the people.” He also made veiled accusations against his opponents of sowing discord in the wake of last Saturday’s protests condemning his decisions.

Tunisian President Kais Saied also announced on Monday-Tuesday night that the exceptional measures he approved about two months ago will continue.

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