“The veil as a political symbol”

Mathieu-Bock Cote. Le Figaro.

CHRONICLE – Far from representing a form of moral modesty evoking that of our grandmothers, this explicit marker of politico-cultural conquest symbolizes the exhibitionism of identity and the exhibitionism of virtue.

The events that are currently stirring Iran are making the rounds of the planet. Their scope is clear: thousands of women are rising there, demanding the right to live without a veil and freed from the oppressive control of the aggressive and finicky morality police who circulate in the cities of the country. They gather around a woman who recently died after being beaten up by the police, Mahsa Amini, who in Iran had become a true martyr of freedom, who died for having “badly worn” her veil. But French neo-feminism struggles to show solidarity with Iranian women and continues its full-time campaign against a fantasized Western patriarchy. Moreover, he willingly makes the veil a symbol of freedom, at least in the West, because, through it, women from immigrant backgrounds would testify to their resistance to male sovereignty and to neocolonial identity.

The malaise of neo-feminists is electoral and ideological. Electoral, insofar as the left…

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