There is everything rotten in the kingdom of Bolsonaro – 06/03/2021 – Ricardo Melo

The cards are on the table, or on the streets. The strategy of the usurper expelled from the Army, rejected by the majority of the people, is to tighten the rope until creating an atmosphere of open or covert civil war.

The provocations follow one another. In addition to those already publicized in excess — despising the pandemic, cutting emergency aid, attacking journalists, sabotaging vaccines, attacking minorities, sinking the economy, etc —, Bolsonaro now affronts the Army and institutions in general.

Pazuello’s promotion is a mockery. The recruit called a general has a long list of services rendered: nearly 500,000 dead. In spite of any liturgy, he climbed onto his landlord’s platform to proselytize without mask or decency. In exchange, he won a position of R$17,000 per month.

The reaction of the Armed Forces shows the quality of those who should be obedient to the Constitution, not hallucinated. In a case in which a summary and rigorous punishment would be applicable, the High Command —expunged a few months ago, it is worth remembering— hesitates to take any decision worthy of the scandal.

Bolsonaro is obsessed with defending acolytes. He shielded himself with people like Attorney Aras, who covered up everything that interests the boss. Ricardo Salles is a persistent offender, chief executive of deforesters, criminal loggers and illegal miners. Deliberate genocide of indigenous populations.

After the PF made a rapa at the house of the Minister of ½ Environment and his advisors, the invading milico from Planalto did not even pay attention to the embarrassing silence. Instead. He went to the playpen to publicly praise Salles as a “victim”.

The disregard for the pandemic continues. Deaths fluctuate from 2,000 up daily. The ICUs are full. There is no equipment, beds, supplies, employees, vaccines. What to do then? Promote the Copa America! Spread the virus even more in a country that does not leave the heights of the ranking of infected and deaths. A disaster.

There is no evil that will always last (hopefully…). The demonstrations last Saturday (29) showed that the people can’t take it anymore. The number of attendees, incidentally, was clearly underestimated. The PMs denied data on the number of protesters. They were more concerned with attacking those who expressed themselves peacefully, as in Pernambuco.

As, by the way, are the police today. They beat left and right, supported by the directives of their bosses, increasingly aligned as uniformed militiamen from Bolsonaro’s gang, not guarantors of “public order”.

It has already been said here that Bolsonaro cannot be fixed. This was 30 years ago. It is only standing because it is supported by big capital, the servile Congress, the official media, sheltered military personnel and a “soft” judiciary.

In this regard, there is a parenthesis: whoever saw the cover of the newspapers O Globo and O Estado de S. Paulo on the day after the demonstrations on May 29th felt not only astonishment, but disgust. The TV news was not far behind.

About SBT, don’t even talk about it. Silvio Santos’ son-in-law is the communications minister of the expelled army captain. Need to draw?

Band is nothing more than a showcase for the Saad family’s real estate and agricultural businesses. From there comes the family fortune. As a cover, he quotes one or another news item between reports about a world that does not exist in Brazil.

Globo is a case in its own right. Tangled up in various deals here and abroad, problems with the Revenue and panic of losing the concession, it fluctuates between “journalism” and officialdom. Perhaps 40 years from now, he will publish an editorial regretting supporting Bolsonaro.

June 19 is already marked as a new day of demonstrations against the genocidal Bolsonaro and his clique of malefactors. Little by little, the people are losing their fear of going out onto the streets, always taking the possible precautions. But between dying of hunger, lack of oxygen or in the ICU lines; or support Bolsonaro and his gang of militiamen with or without uniform, the choice began to be made last Saturday.

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