“There was never an agreement with LREM”, swears Renaud Muselier

In “The 4 truths”, on France 2, the president of the Paca region denounced “a form of hysteria” after the announcement in the Journal du Dimanche of an agreement between his list and that of Sophie Cluzel (LREM) .

«There was never an agreement with La République en Marche.“It is with these words that Renaud Muselier began his interview in the program” Les 4 Vérités “, on France 2, this Wednesday, May 5. The president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region has been caught in an incredible whirlwind for three days and the announcement of Prime Minister Jean Castex in the Journal du Dimanche of a “common listBetween the LR list led by the former Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and the LREM list, led by the Secretary of State in charge of Disabled People Sophie Cluzel.

After being withdrawn from the nomination by his party in the wake of this announcement, on May 2, the president of Paca defended himself this Tuesday during two very lively meetings in the company of the tenors of the Republicans. At the end of the day, the National Investiture Commission finally gave “his support“To Renaud Muselier for the regional elections, in the absence of an agreement with LREM, while at the same time, Gabriel Attal, the government spokesman, affirmed that there would be”of courseOf LREM candidates on the region president’s list.

Sophie Cluzel must resign if she wants to be on the list

On France 2, Renaud Muselier denounced “a form of hysteria». «I saw that a lot of people spoke out to say bad things about me», He regretted. He also recalled that his objective for the Paca region was to “add“And to have”the largest possible majority». «In no case will the region be the laboratory rat for political recomposition, but we are not the stepping stone for Madame Le Pen’s presidential election either.“, He defended himself.

Recalling that no parliamentarian from La République en Marche nor any minister would appear on his lists, the regional president however clarified that he was not closed to the participation of Sophie Cluzel. “If she wants to resign (…), I take her skills», He indicated.

«I am free, I am independent»

Renaud Muselier also returned to the pass of arms with his political family. “I am free, I am independent and I will do what I have to do. I am also LR (…) but my family bothers me a lot to bring together“, He denounced, regretting that some have”an absolute fear of everything that happens in the addition of skills».

The president of Paca also attacked Éric Ciotti, the deputy for the Alpes-Maritimes, who voted against his nomination and had very harsh words against him. “When I read on the Canard Enchaîné, that it would have benefited from an agreement with the National Gathering to be elected to the legislative elections in 2017, it still has to be accountable“, He attacked, specifying that he was not for an exclusion but”to clarify the lines“. And to tackle part of his political family, “who does not want to choose between Madame Le PenAnd someone else. “I am at the crossroads of all these difficulties, these pressures (…) They all want to be ministers or president of the Republic and are only talking nonsense that divides», He concluded.


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