There will be concrete results – Maksim Shevchenko on the meeting of the leaders of Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia in Sochi

Baku, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan

The well-known Russian political scientist, TV presenter and public figure Maksim Shevchenko told reporters in Baku.

“I believe that only a meeting in Sochi can give concrete results. The process that is in the Baku-Yerevan-Moscow triangle seems to me very promising,” he said.

Regarding the topics that are expected to be discussed during this meeting, Shevchenko stressed that border delimitation is the most important topic.

“Some time ago, when there were tragic events on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, then people died, I wrote in my telegram channel that if Armenia continues to behave this way, it will cry over Zangezur the same way it cries over Karabakh. There was a violent reaction. But this is true. The war will not bring anything good for the Armenians, “Maksim Shevchenko said.

(Author: Sadraddin Agdzhaev. Editor: Eldar Pashaev)

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