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The Hermitage received an official complaint over the placement of nude sculptures within the walls of the museum. According to the applicants, these exposures have a negative impact on underage children.

Mikhail Piotrovsky, General Director of the Museum, stressed that the State Hermitage necessarily responds to all requests from visitors, explaining to them the specifics of museum work. He also added that appeals can be of very different kinds – from aggressive to constructive.

“We have already been offered to collect all the nude sculptures in one place and hang an” 18+ “sign so as not to corrupt children,” he said. – Now we have received an official complaint, to which we will respond.

Piotrovsky did not specify exactly who sent the complaint about the placement of the nude in the museum.

The Director of the Hermitage also answered a question about the exhibition of works by the Fabergé Jewelry House, a discussion about the authenticity of which some time ago was conducted in the media. According to him, a technical examination was carried out, that is, a check of the time of manufacture and the materials used, which recognized all the exhibits as worthy to be exhibited in the Hermitage. As for attribution, that is, establishing authorship of works, this is the business of their owners. “The task of the museum exhibition is, first of all, research, not the establishment of authenticity,” Piotrovsky noted and added that only 20 percent of Faberge’s works have been identified as the undisputed authorship of the famous jeweler.


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