They tried to hush up the case of the beating of Stas Piekha’s son

The boy’s grandmother Ilona Bronevitskaya was informed about the sad incident

New details of the attack on the son of Stas Piekha in the cottage village of the Leningrad Region have emerged. We are already talking about the fact that the incident may be hushed up. The child was hospitalized with serious injuries after being attacked by the wife of football referee Vladislav Bezborodov.

The son of Stas Piekha, together with his relatives: mother Natalia Gorchakova (ex-wife of Piekha), grandmother and uncle, was resting in the village of Roshchino near St. Petersburg when a neighbor of a star family hit the child. As it turned out, the suspect is the wife of football referee Vladislav Bezborodov, mother of many children Irina Bezborodova. According to Natalia, as a result of the attack, the son received injuries and multiple bruises, the child’s grandmother and uncle also suffered from the furious Bezborodova.

Stas Piekha himself was on tour during the scandal, but the singer had already hired a lawyer. In a conversation with the correspondent of “MK” the representative of the artist’s family, Sergei Zhorin, shared the latest news about the high-profile conflict.

– The son of Stas Piekha and his grandmother, for obvious reasons, do not feel very well. The boy is in the hospital, he is receiving medical assistance, he was diagnosed with a closed head injury, hematomas and abrasions. In the near future, an examination will be held, which will establish the degree of harm to the child’s health. We hope that a criminal case will be opened and the necessary investigative actions will be carried out. We express our gratitude to Alexander Bastrykin for taking personal control of the verification process.

– Why did the UK take special control over this case?

– When the check was carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, information was received that our opponents were trying to hush up something. Maybe that’s why the Investigative Committee took the materials to itself. The Chairman of the Investigative Committee took the matter under personal control. Now there is no longer any doubt about objectivity and impartiality. What kind of punishment threatens the attacker depends on the degree of harm to health, which will be established by the examination. The qualification of the crime also depends on this. We will follow the development of events and wait.

Recall that the cause of the violent conflict between the star families of the Bezborodovs and Piekha was a punctured pool. The artist’s son made friends with the Bezborodovs ‘son, but his mother Irina insisted that the children stop all communication, and Stas’s child, offended, pierced the neighbors’ inflatable pool.

Ilona Aleksandrovna Bronevitskaya, the grandmother of the injured boy and the mother of Stas Piekha, told MK that she was still on vacation, away from her grandson. But I am aware of the incident with the heir.

“I know what happened,” Bronevitskaya told us. – But I can’t say anything, no. I’ll be back tomorrow, call me back, I have a bad connection here. I am in the forest”.

By the way, the family of arbiter Vladislav Bezborodov has previously been in the spotlight in connection with the sad events. Few will remember, but in 2011, the judge’s sister Marina, the first wife of footballer Vyacheslav Malafeev, crashed to death while returning from a party. A woman in her blue Bentley was involved in an accident, knocking down a billboard and crashing into a tree. Marina died on the spot from her injuries, leaving her young son and daughter. Malafeev soon after the death of his wife remarried, two children from his first marriage to this day live with their father and stepmother.

– I do not think that the scandal associated with Vladislav Bezborodov somehow concerns the Malafeev family, – the athlete’s representative told us.

– But Vladislav is the uncle of the children of Vyacheslav Malafeev.

– And what does Vladislav have to do with it? Was he in conflict?

– According to the latest information, his wife Irina Bezborodova hit the son of Stas Piekha.

– This is very serious and sad, but Vladislav, I suppose, was not there. Therefore, I will not bother Vyacheslav on this issue, especially since he is not in Russia. Thank you for understanding.

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Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28585 dated July 22, 2021

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Piekha’s son will be protected by Bastrykin


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