Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed witnesses the signing of an agreement to supply and maintain passenger trains worth 1.2 billion dirhams

H.H. Sheikh Theyab bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chief of the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Etihad Rail, paid an inspection visit to review the latest package of the second phase of the UAE national railway network project, which extends 145 km from the Emirate of Sharjah. All the way to the port of Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah. During the visit, which started from the Al-Suyoh area in Sharjah to the Sukum area in Fujairah, His Highness inspected several major landmarks of the project along its path in the last package of the second phase of the project, starting with the railway bridge in the Al-Suyuh area in Sharjah, then heading to the Al-Bithnah area In Fujairah to visit the Al-Bithnah Bridge, and then go to see the works of laying railway tracks in a number of tunnels that make their way through the Hajar Mountains in Fujairah. His Highness stressed that this ambitious national project has witnessed, over the past years, vigorous follow-up and sound guidance from His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God protect him. The rational leadership of the country to move towards developing the transportation system and achieving new stages of economic prosperity and progress, through the development of the national railway network project and enhancing its contribution to the comprehensive development of the state, to demonstrate today the effectiveness of its role in reshaping the features of the sector and determining business models and customer behavior, through continuous achievements achieved to enhance its contribution to shaping the future of the transport sector in order to serve the pioneering path of the UAE.” Signing an agreement to design, manufacture, supply and maintain passenger trains worth 1.2 billion dirhams. After the inspection tour ended, His Highness Sheikh Diab and His Excellency Suhail bin Mohammed Faraj Faris Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, witnessed the signing of an agreement between Etihad Rail and CAF, a Spanish company, one of the international companies. A pioneer in the railway sector, to design, manufacture, supply and maintain passenger trains for the AED 1.2 billion Etihad Rail project. His Highness Sheikh Theyab praised the agreement, which comes within the framework of Etihad Rail’s efforts to develop passenger transportation services and reflects its continuous keenness to continue developing the national and strategic project “Etihad Train” in accordance with the best standards, practices and approved time plans. The agreement, which was the result of the company’s success at the Middle East Rail 2022 exhibition, was signed by Shadi Malak, CEO of Etihad Rail, and Jozo Imaz, CEO of the fleet of trains at the Spanish company CAF, in the presence of Alvarez Barthe D. Antonio, the ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain to the country, in addition to a number of officials from both sides. The agreement was signed at the construction site of the first passenger train station in the city center of Fujairah, in the Sukkum region. Under the agreement, the Spanish company CAF is set to design, manufacture, supply and maintain passenger trains according to designs in conformity with approved European standards, with a single train accommodating more than 400 passengers, with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour. All passenger trains will provide different grades of seats, which represents a qualitative addition to the system of public transport solutions in the UAE. Passenger rail services, one of the three strategic projects within the framework of the National Railways Program, will facilitate the public transport system in the country and enhance the standards of life and well-being of the population while ensuring the best internationally approved security and safety practices, as the passenger train will contribute to facilitating the movement of transportation in the country Between different cities quickly, efficiently, and with high degrees of security and comfort, and at an affordable cost to provide. The Spanish company CAF is one of the international companies that has extensive experience in the railway sector and passenger transport services for more than 100 years, during which it has worked to develop advanced solutions to enhance the passenger experience of traveling by train and provide them with high levels of safety, efficiency and quality. Passenger trains The passenger train will connect 11 cities and regions in the country of goods to Fujairah, including Ruwais, Al Mirfa, Dubai, Sharjah, Al Dhaid and Abu Dhabi. It will save travel time at a rate ranging between 30% to 40% compared to other means of land transportation, as it will take only 50 minutes to travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai by train, and from Dubai to Fujairah only 50 minutes, and from Abu Dhabi to Ruwais only 70 minutes, and from Abu Dhabi to Fujairah only 100 minutes. Passenger trains will be equipped with the latest and most advanced technologies in line with the environment and climate of the UAE, to ensure high levels of performance, efficiency and reliability. They will also have all amenities, entertainment and comfortable seats so that passengers can enjoy an exceptional travel trip. The trains will also be equipped with all modern amenities, including It has infotainment systems, charging stations, etc., as well as food and beverages, and a large seating area; In addition to being equipped with highly advanced air conditioning systems, in order to meet the needs of all citizens, residents and visitors with different categories and aspirations, as it will provide different classes of seats, including first class, business class or economy class seats. Attracting global expertise and knowledge in the field of passenger trains. It is worth noting that Etihad Rail recently signed three memoranda of understanding with the Spanish national railway company “Renfe” and the British “High Speed ​​One” and “GB Rail Variety” companies, with the aim of enhancing ways of cooperation and knowledge exchange. And experiences and best practices in the fields of rail services and operations of freight and passenger trains, during the activities of the Middle East Railway Conference 2022, which the company hosted last May. And last February, Etihad Rail signed an agreement with the First Abu Dhabi Bank to finance the railway services project for transporting passengers with a value of 1.990 billion dirhams, as part of the UAE National Railways Program. The path of the last package of the second stage of the national railway network The path of the last package of the second stage of the “Etihad Train” project extends for a distance of 145 km, linking the borders of the Emirate of Dubai and Sharjah, passing through the Emirate of Fujairah to Ras Al Khaimah, and includes 54 bridges and 20 animal crossings. It also includes the construction of 9 tunnels that pass through the Hajar Mountains at a distance of 6.9 km, including the longest railway tunnel for heavy loads in the Arabian Gulf region with a length of 1.8 km. This path has the advantage of passing through one of the most difficult geographical areas due to the mountainous terrain surrounding it. In November 2021, the company announced the completion of drilling all railway tunnels on this track, two months ahead of schedule and according to the highest standards of safety and sustainability, using the latest tunnel boring machines and the best modern technologies, which is a qualitative addition to the project’s safety record. . Sustainability and reliability The national railway network supports the growth of the national economy with an environmentally friendly transportation system that is efficient, sustainable, safe and cost-effective. The network uses locomotives equipped with the latest technology to reduce emissions as the carbon emissions that result from transport by train are 70-80% less than carbon emissions The resultant trucks are of the same quantity, each train journey is equivalent to a 300-truck-capacity load. It is noteworthy that Etihad Rail adopts international best practices and continuously conducts Environmental Impact Assessment Studies (EIAs) to reduce the impact of the UAE national railway network on the environment during planning, construction and operations.

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