‘This is not controversial’: Matt Kean pushes to phase out plastics in NSW

NSW Energy Minister Matt Kean says the state government’s push to phase out plastics is “not controversial” but rather “practical environmentalism”.

The legislation would see plastic plates, cutlery, and even plastic sticks on cotton ear buds outlawed.

Discussing why this issue is something which needs to be legislated, Mr Kean told Sky News host Chris Kenny every other state and territory has legislated for it as well as the commonwealth.

“And business is moving in that direction, so in fact it’s actually costing businesses that operate in New South Wales and across the commonwealth money, because they’ve got to have a different regime in every different state and territory,” he said.

“All we’re doing is looking to align with what’s happening at the commonwealth level and what industry are already doing.”

According to Mr Kean, the legislation is “practical environmentalism” which will lead to better outcomes for the environment and better health outcomes for the community.

“It’ll be good for our planet, it’ll be good for human health, it’s a win-win.”


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