those parents who would like to decide the fate of their children

INTERVIEW – Some parents have a finely crafted professional destiny for their child and redouble their efforts to ensure that they take the desired path. Decryption of this phenomenon with psychologist Aline Nativel Id Hammou.

Daphne * aspires to great things for her three children aged 8 and a half, 5 and a half and 2 years old respectively. For their career first, this Parisian mother of 41 years would like one of them to be a doctor or practice in any case “a noble profession», Which imposes social recognition. Question character then, she would like them “nerd». “I want my children to be the type to read Zola on the beach at 15, to forge a literary culture, to have notions of philosophy, to have real discussions at the table, she specifies. Me, I feel like I was super light on this at their age. “

This is, among other things, what it is about, what is played out in family projections: a desire on the part of the parent (s) to offer the child what he has not had or what he couldn’t have. “Growing up, I thought about everything I had missed, everything I could have done if I had worked harder on my math, for example. So

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