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Thousands of cockroaches were used in a bizarre attack against a restaurant in what is believed to be an act revenge.

A gangster dispute is believed to be behind the eatery in Taiwan being targeted.

Two men dressed in black walked into the restaurant and tossed the creepy crawlies insects into the air.

They then fled the scene on a scooter in an attack which surveillance cameras suggest involved five people – four men and a woman.

The gang made off on separate vehicles so it was harder for the police to give chase, Focus Taiwan reported.

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The incident is thought to have been a gang attack on the owner over their failure to pay back a debt

Two were responsible for throwing the cockroaches, reportedly of the type fed to fish, while two were lookouts and one was a driver.

The local police commissioner branded the attack on Monday evening at the G House Taipei restaurant an act of violence.

The cockroaches were reportedly the type fed to fish (stock image)

The restaurant was on the night of the attack hosting a 700-strong event for the police which included Taipei Police Commissioner Chen Jia-Chang, Focus Taiwan reported.

But the two events are not thought to be linked as the cockroaches were set free in the restaurant ahead of Chen’s visit.

The early stages of the investigation have led officers to believe the Bamboo Union Crime Ring was behind the attack as it is thought the restaurant’s owner owed them money.

Commissioner Chen pledged to arrest those involved as he said the attack equalled to throwing excrement or paint at someone.


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