Threats against journalists during a demonstration: BFMTV wants to file a complaint

About twenty people gathered around the channel’s journalists, before pushing them back with threats.

The 24-hour news channel BFMTV announced Thursday that it would file a complaint against the perpetrators of threats against its journalists during a demonstration against the health pass in Paris.

“Dozens of demonstrators present, some of them attacked two journalists from BFMTV”, said presenter Aurélie Casse on the air in the early evening. “An inadmissible behavior that the editorial staff of BFMTV condemns, and moreover we are going to file a complaint against the perpetrators of these acts”, she added.

Images shot in front of the Senate in the late afternoon show protesters cursing and physically threatening two reporters. During this rally organized Thursday at the call of the former presidential candidate François Asselineau, these journalists were attacked by demonstrators, noted AFP journalists on the spot who reported a hostile atmosphere to the media. About twenty people gathered around BFMTV journalists, before pushing them back with threats. Protesters chased after them shouting «BFM collabo!», prompting them to take refuge behind the police.

“Torrent of hate”

Journalist Igor Sahiri explained on the air that the violence had been avoided thanks to two security agents of the channel and that he had to give up covering this demonstration. “Fortunately, there were no hits. On the other hand, there was a torrent of hatred against me and against my team. We were called all names ”, he reported. “Basically they blame us for not telling the truth”.

The BFMTV teams had also been cursed several times during the demonstrations of “yellow vests” at the end of 2018, by people who criticized the channel for its proximity to the executive.


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