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Factory of Tears

And once again according to the annual report
the highest productivity results were achieved
by the Factory of Tears.

While the Department of Transportation was breaking heels
while the Department of Heart Affairs
was beating hysterically
the Factory of Tears was working night shifts
setting new records even on holidays.

While the Food Refinery Station
was trying to digest another catastrophe
the Factory of Tears adopted a new economically advantageous
technology of recycling the wastes of past –
memories mostly.

The pictures of the employees of the year
were placed on the Wall of Tears.

I’m a recipient of workers’ comp from the heroic Factory of Tears.
I have calluses on my eyes.
I have compound fractures on my cheeks.
I receive my wages with the product I manufacture.
And I’m happy with what I have.

by Valzhyna Death
Factory of Tears

publisher: Copper Canyon Press, 2008
translation from original Belarusian: 2008, Valzhyna Mort, Franz Wright and Elizabeth Oehlkers Wright

Original Belarusian at “Read More”


and again at the end of the year
the highest rates
reached the factory of tears.

while the Department of Transportation trampled on heels,
while the Ministry of Cardiac Affairs
fought in hysteria,
the tear factory worked at night,
even on holidays set production records.

at a time when the food processing station
chewed another disaster,
the tear factory has become economically viable
recycling of past waste –
mostly personal memories.

photos of workers of the year
solemnly placed on the wall of weeping.

I am a disabled worker of the factory-hero of tears,
I have corns on my eyes,
I have a broken cheek.
I am paid a salary for the products I produce.
and I am happy with what I have.

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