TI and Tiny will not be charged in Los Angeles sexual assault investigation

Los Angeles prosecutors have refused to file criminal charges against rapper TI and his wife, Tameka Cottle Harris, following an investigation into whether the couple drugged and sexually assaulted a woman in 2005, citing the statute of limitations, according to a document from the public prosecutor’s office.

“The statute of limitations is 10 years and has expired,” Los Angeles County officials wrote in a charge assessment brief released this week. “Without the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence being assessed, the case is denied because of the expiry.”

In May, the Los Angeles Police Department said it had opened a criminal investigation in the incident, in which a military veteran said he met the famous couple in the VIP section of a Los Angeles club and became incapacitated after drinking with them. She said the couple then raped her in a hotel room.

A lawyer representing the woman, who requested anonymity to protect her family, said at the time that she was among nearly a dozen people who reported being victimized by the Atlanta couple or members of their entourage. In February, attorney Tyrone A. Blackburn sent letters to law enforcement in Georgia and California, calling for criminal investigations on behalf of 11 people, including four women who accused the couple of drugging and assaulting them. sexually.

The letters described “eerily similar” experiences of “sexual abuse, forcible ingestion of illegal narcotics, kidnapping, terrorist threats and forcible confinement” at the hands of TI (nee Clifford Harris), Ms Harris (member of the group R&B Xscape which is known as Tiny) and their associates.

The couple denied any instances of non-consensual sex and their representatives called the claims a “sordid campaign to adapt.”

On Thursday, Shawn Holley, an attorney for the Harrises, said in a statement that the couple were “happy, but not surprised, by the district attorney’s decision to dismiss these baseless allegations. We appreciate the prosecutor’s scrutiny of the case and are grateful that we can put the case behind us and move on. “

Mr Blackburn said prosecutors’ decision “does not justify Clifford Harris and Tiny Harris for the act of raping and drugging Jane Doe. This only amplifies the need to remove the statute of limitations for sex crimes. “

The statute of limitations for most rape cases in Los Angeles before 2017 is typically 10 years. But Mr Blackburn initially cited exceptions that allowed authorities to pursue older cases, as they did when they brought charges against Harvey Weinstein over an incident that took place more than a decade earlier. He said that this exception ultimately did not apply in this case because there was only one alleged victim in Los Angeles.

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