Timofey Bazhenov supported the decision to fine illegal garbage carriers

Penalties for the illegal transportation of construction waste must be toughened, the TV presenter and public figure are sure Timofey Bazhenov, commenting on the decision to change the fines made by the Ministry of Ecology and Nature Management of Moscow. Now the maximum fine for violation will be 250 thousand rubles. It can be used to punish illegal carriers from September 1, 2021. The Ministry of Ecology of Moscow is already sending out warnings about tougher punishment. “This is a very timely and correct decision. The topic of preserving the ecological situation in our region is one of the most pressing. Only drastic measures will help to regulate the ecological situation in the region, ”Bazhenov notes. According to him, often violators get off with only a small fine that does not cover the damage caused. An increase in the fine can raise the awareness of citizens.

In addition, Timofey Bazhenov proposes to establish a 10-year moratorium on the reduction of the green zones of the capital. According to him, at least 40% of the courtyard areas need to be occupied with green spaces, and for each cut down tree it is necessary to oblige to plant two new ones.


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