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The removal of Rogério Caboclo from the presidency of the CBF reinforces Tite in his relationship with the players. The victory over Ecuador showed that Tite has strong characteristics from his early career.

When he won the Rio Grande do Sul title for Caxias, he exercised leadership with the players. When he won the Copa do Brasil in 2001, he impressed by the modernity of his attacking marking.

While speculating about the possibility of a resignation, Tite united the athletes, annoyed with the change of address of the Copa America.

On the field, in the lackluster performance against Ecuador, what worked most was the pressure marking.

From the buzzwords of this decade, the “lose and pressure” is tied with the “game idea”, in football, in narrative and in everyday life.

If there’s one thing Tite has always enjoyed, it’s fighting to get the ball back right after he lost it, and Grêmio, 20 years ago, was one of the Brazilian teams most capable of doing that.

At 22 minutes of the first half, in Porto Alegre, the team stole the ball in attack, with five players positioned to pressure the opponent’s exit. He recovered, missed the continuation of the move, repositioned himself and took possession again. Within seconds, Brazil made two tackles near the rival’s penalty area.

“You can’t do this for 90,” Tite said at the press conference. He did it again in the second stage and Paquetá was responsible for recovering the ball that led to Richarlison’s goal, Neymar’s pass.

The selection returns to the field this Tuesday (8), against Paraguay. It has tactical variation, three systems that can be used. Paquetá started against Ecuador as a midfielder, occupied the right wing and ended up as the second defensive midfielder.

Tite wanted to leave the game with three men and Alex Sandro as the left winger. It was going to become a 3-2-5, as Thomas Tuchel does at Chelsea and Guardiola uses it to start the plays.

Brazil is up to date, modern, disciplined and with game variations. It’s one of the reasons players embrace the coach.

The other is complicity.

The national team’s players felt betrayed after they met with Rogério Caboclo on Sunday and discovered on Monday (31), in the news, that the Copa América would be in Brazil. It is possible that Caboclo needs help from therapists as well as lawyers.

There was concern about health, family members, the country, the feeling of betrayal, the understanding that it would be different to fulfill the commitment to play in Argentina and Colombia, who had signed contracts, to transfer to Brazil, without an organizing committee, no defined stages and no vaccine.

Those who want to confuse demand consistency between having Brasileirão and not having Copa América. The first represents risk, but keeps jobs. The second did not exist in Brazil for eight days.

Of course, even within the selection, there will be those who disagree with some of these arguments. Democracy is, above all, when disagreement generates debate, not war. The keyword is argument.

This selection has. Whether to express their displeasure in relation to the Copa América in Brazil, or to change the system.

Players want to preserve their health. That’s what Rogério Caboclo needs to do right now.


São Paulo controlled the game against Atlético-GO with the ball, fought, disarmed 12 times in the attack and lost 2-0, with an error in leaving the ball. There are production drops that are difficult to explain. In São Paulo, only the absences of Benítez, Daniel and Crespo help to understand.


Sylvinho improved Corinthians because he hit the defense. It was not possible to want to organize the defense in a line of four and leave out Fábio Santos, the most tactical of the Corinthians. With that and Mosquito’s speed on the right, he had his best performance with the new coach.

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