Tite says he is not a hypocrite and alienated, but puts priority on football – 06/09/2021 – Sport

Coach Tite avoided once again discussing the issues that have surrounded the Brazilian team in the last two weeks, such as the removal of the president of the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation), Rogério Caboclo, and the holding of the Copa América in Brazil.

After the 2-0 victory over Paraguay, in the qualifiers, in Asuncion, the coach was asked about the dissatisfaction of the squad and the coaching staff with the conduct of the tournament, assumed by the CBF and the federal government after the withdrawals of Colombia and Argentina .

“I’m not a hypocrite, I’m not alienated and I know that things happen. But I know how to give priority. Priority is my work and the dignity of my work”, limited himself to saying Tite, who preferred to talk about the triumph in the Paraguayan capital.

The coach, as well as captain Casemiro, had said last week that the group had a position on the tournament, which would be expressed at the right time, after the two rounds of qualifying.

This position came in the form of a statement, shared by the athletes of the national team. In the text, they say they are against the Copa America, but claim that they will represent Brazil in the competition and that the intention was never to politicize the matter.

Tite’s press conference was filled with questions related to Rogério Caboclo and the Copa América. At one point, his assistant, Cléber Xavier, was the one who assumed the answers.

“We want to celebrate a little bit the very high numbers we’ve achieved, the six victories, a number reached in 1969, which we can surpass in September. In 18 qualifying games [com Tite no comando], there were 16 wins and two draws. We conceded five goals. We want to celebrate this a little bit,” said Xavier.

Selection coordinator, Juninho Paulista congratulated the group for the two victories on the FIFA date and corroborated the athletes’ statement, against the Copa America dispute.

“We had exhausting weeks. I want to congratulate Tite, the commission. The work was not easy, but it was excellent. We are happy to conquer, to make history, to participate, to command a group of such competent professionals. It is important to say this, even in name of the entity. The satisfaction in having them, the satisfaction with the work, is great. The main focus has always been the World Cup, and the Qualifiers are already the World Cup,” said the official.

“I’m here to reiterate the athletes’ manifesto. It’s a manifesto that represents us. It’s players, the commission and the delegation of all professionals who work harder so that the CBF can provide the best working conditions for all of you”, completed Juninho.


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