Tite says he is not alienated, but that he prioritizes work amidst the Copa America controversy

This Tuesday, the Brazilian team defeated Paraguay 2-0, in Asuncion, and continued with 100% success in the qualifiers for the World Cup. After the game, Tite was asked again about the controversy surrounding the Copa América in Brazil, but he did not want to go into the matter further.

When asked how he continued to work in recent weeks amid the turbulent scenario regarding the uncertainty of the continental tournament, Tite made it clear that he prioritized work ahead of the national team.

“I thought about the job, the demands I would have. Who climbs right, who doesn’t. I want to thank the professionals, and I’m not running away. They spent two days without having lunch due to all the work they had done. I want that image, I want that situation, the athlete cannot do that. This backstage construction that the media does not have access to is very important in the construction of the work. That’s the situation, I took all my energy and went back to it. I’m not a hypocrite and I’m not alienated, I know that things happen, but I know how to prioritize”, said the coach.

The coach also stated that the players have the right to express their positions on the Copa America punctually, but he does not see the moment as appropriate.

“My limit is that of serenity, peace, solidarity, partnerships. Thank all the staff and the technical committee for the great work we were able to do. Be at peace with myself, respect everyone. Not putting a word in other people’s mouths without having the proper knowledge. True information is a great prevention for us to know how things are. Now, you really need to know each other’s situation. We have positions, but there’s the magnitude of the moment. And maybe the particular moment is to express it, whenever you want. But not now, there is a team and a job that is very big”, said the coach.

Finally, Tite was asked about the influence that the removal of Rogério Caboclo from the presidency of the CBF had on the group’s position on the Copa América dispute. The agent was accused of sexually and morally harassing an employee of the entity. The technician was succinct in his answer: “None”.

With the result, Brazil reached 18 points, in the isolated lead in the qualifiers. This Wednesday, Tite summons the group that will participate in the Copa America. The Brazilian team will debut against Venezuela, on Sunday, at 6 pm, at Mané Garrincha.

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