To celebrate Japanese Immigration Day in Brazil – Marcelo Katsuki

Yakitori and highball: a combination for Japanese no faults. And you find this infallible duo at Kotori, the new home of chef Thiago Bañares. The chicken is the star, appearing as a filling for the shorompo (BRL 29), one dumpling of delicate dough; in the flesh of the tsukune, a meatball served with tare, and on skewers in different cuts. The drinks are signed by mixologist Alex Mesquita, who created incredible highballs, such as the meron chu hai (R$ 32), with barley shochu, cantaloupe melon and soda. Kotori is located at Cônego Eugênio Leite, 639, Pinheiros. Telephone: (11) 3891-0043. It also has a delivery service via Rappi.

A sushi that I tasted recently and that surprised me was Mokai, a house from Rio Grande do Sul that has been successful in São Paulo. It was for the delivery and check it out: there is a combo called Isolação with 40 pieces (R$ 69.99 – 2 people). There are vegan and vegetarian options (R$ 79.99 – 31 pieces each) but what really caught me was the shake broccoli (photo – R$ 43.99 – 12 pieces), which brings the vegetable wrapped in curlew salmon and finished with tare and sesame. The selection combo (photo – R$ 97.99) brings 34 pieces and although it is individual, it can satisfy two people. iFood orders.

To sweeten the day: pastry chef Cesar Yukio from Hanami Confeitaria has prepared a menu with traditional Japanese sweets, known as wagashi, to celebrate the date. has the dorayaki, the pancake flavored with honey and stuffed with vanilla cream or anko (R$ 20.00 the kit with 4 units); iichigo daifuku, a mochi stuffed with strawberry and anko or brigadeiro (photo – BRL 8.00 each) in addition to anmitsu kanten, seaweed gelatin with fruit, the jukashi manjo, steamed dumpling, and other delights. The sweets are on display in the shop window from today until the 26th of June and can be purchased at the physical store, by delivery, telephone (11 2675-9300) or whatsapp (11 93082-2782).

Get ready! On July 1st, the JHSP Online Experience: Embarkation to Setouchi, organized by Japan House, takes place. In this edition, the virtual meeting will present the gastronomy, culture and traditions of the provinces of the East region of Setouchi, a place still little known to tourists but of great beauty. You can watch the broadcast at 7pm, free of charge, or purchase the gastronomic kit created by chef Telma Shiraishi, from the Aizomê restaurant, for R$ 200 and experience the local flavors. Whichever option you choose, register here.

(Photos: publicity and Marcelo Katsuki/Folhapress)

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