To save his beloved car, the resident of Pushkin paid off half a million debt

To remove the arrest from his beloved car and trailer, a resident of Pushkinskie Gory repaid a debt of more than half a million rubles. As was told “MK in Pskov” in the press service of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia in the Pskov region, the man, according to available information, owes a legal entity 556 thousand rubles.

This was the reason for the initiation of enforcement proceedings against him. The bailiffs explained to the debtor the consequences of non-payment, and then proceeded to coercive measures. The first of them was a temporary restriction on the right to leave the country, the second was a decree prohibiting registration actions with respect to the debtor’s movable property. These restrictions did not bring results, the Pushkin resident was in no hurry to pay off the debt.

Then the bailiffs described and arrested his vehicle.

“The result was not long in coming. The citizen fully paid the debt to the legal entity in the amount of 556 thousand rubles. In addition, he paid 38 thousand rubles for the performance fee, ”the press service of the UFSSP noted, and then added that immediately after that, the arrest from the property of a resident of the regional center was lifted.


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