Top 5: A war between Russia and Ukraine is looming… and demonstrations break up on the anniversary of the Tunisian revolution

From Russia’s preparation of a camouflaging operation to justify the invasion of Ukraine, the dispersal of demonstrators against the Tunisian president on the anniversary of the revolution, and the statements of the Jordanian Foreign Minister about his country’s readiness to normalize relations with Bashar al-Assad and Syria, to “Backlovid” the hope of Corona patients, which is difficult to obtain… Here is a summary My CNN Arabic daily with headlines from some of the most diverse stories from the Middle East and the world.

CNN Exclusive: US intelligence: Russia is preparing a camouflage operation to justify the invasion of Ukraine

A US official told CNN Friday that the United States has information indicating that Russia has equipped a group of activists to conduct a sham operation in eastern Ukraine in an attempt to create a pretext to invade the country.

Tunisian security fires tear gas to disperse protesters against the president on the anniversary of the revolution

The state-run Tunisian News Agency said that security forces used tear gas to disperse crowds that took to the streets to protest against President Kais Saied on Friday.

Is Jordan preparing to normalize relations with Bashar al-Assad and Syria? .. Safadi responds to CNN

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi explained Jordan’s motives for opening flights between Amman and Damascus, in addition to the Jordanian King Abdullah’s speech to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and indicated that what Jordan is trying to do is “to make sure that there is a serious political process that will lead to end the crisis.

Egypt.. The first company to be listed on the stock exchange by 2022.. and experts enumerate the advantages of the upcoming offering

The Egyptian Stock Exchange registered the shares of Macro Group for Pharmaceuticals, with a issued capital of 115.4 million pounds ($7.4 million), distributed over 577.3 million shares, with a nominal value of 20 piasters per share, becoming the first company to be listed on the Egyptian stock market in 2022.

“Baxulovide” .. a treatment for the Corona virus that reduces hospitalization by 90% .. Why is it so difficult to obtain it?

Paxlovid, an antiviral that has been shown to reduce hospitalization for COVID-19 patients by nearly 90% among those at risk of severe disease, is a combination of oral pills that work by interfering with the virus’s ability to replicate.


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