Top 5: Israel in the African Union as an observer member .. and “Wagner” smashed the bones of a Syrian with a hammer

From Israel’s accession to the African Union as an observer, the story of a Syrian whose bones were smashed by Wagner mercenaries with a hammer, the extraordinary meeting of the French president after revealing that his phone was spying, and China’s refusal to cooperate with the World Health Organization in investigating the origin of Corona, leading to the results of the first football competitions in Tokyo Olympics… Here’s a daily summary from CNN in Arabic with the headlines of some of the most diverse stories from the Middle East and the world.

Israel announces its accession to the African Union as an observer.. Lapid: “An achievement that addresses the anomaly of two decades”

On Thursday, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Israel had joined the African Union as an observer.

They smashed his bones with a hammer and killed him to the beat of Russian national music… The story of a Syrian killed by the Russian “Wagner”

The horrific torture and murder of a Syrian man in 2017 by Russian mercenaries became the first-ever legal effort to hold Russia’s Wagner mercenaries accountable, and the victim’s brother spoke exclusively to CNN reporter Joumana Karadsheh about the tragedy that devastated his family and his perilous pursuit of justice.

He takes the attack “seriously”… Macron holds an extraordinary meeting after allegations of “Pegasus spying” on his phone

French President Emmanuel Macron is holding a special defense meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris on Thursday morning, to discuss allegations of Pegasus spyware and the issue of cybersecurity in France.

China refuses to cooperate with the World Health Organization in the next stage of the investigation into the origin of Corona

China has rejected any plans for a follow-up visit by the World Health Organization to China as part of the investigation into the origin of “Covid-19”, claiming that the plan “does not respect logic and science.”

Tokyo Olympics: Spain collides with a strict Egyptian defense and a Brazilian quartet in Germany

The Egyptian national football team tied 0-0 with its Spanish rival, who is a strong candidate to win the gold medal for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.


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