Top investor Cathie Wood: Apple should have bought Tesla when it got the chance

Apple is apparently continuing to build its own car. New rumors are that a fully electric and self-driving Apple Car will hit the market as early as 2025. The iPhone group could have saved a large part of the time-consuming development work and costs if Apple had taken over Tesla in 2018. At least this is the opinion of Cathie Wood, head of the investment company Ark Invest and a fan of Tesla and Elon Musk.

Autonomous cars are the “ultimate mobile devices”

With the purchase of Tesla, Apple could have dominated the market for autonomous vehicles right from the start, according to the top Investor to CNBC. You’ve been watching Apple very carefully for a long time when it comes to the development of the Apple car. After all, a self-driving car is the “ultimate mobile device,” says Wood. The development is hard work, not least because Apple recently struggled with changes in top management. However, the Californian company has also brought numerous former Tesla employees on board.

In any case, you personally are happy that Apple and Tim Cook kept hands off Tesla. Since the group has got the Model 3 problems under control, things have at least taken a steep upward trend. Model 3 is selling like hotcakes, Tesla is making a profit, and the company’s share price has shot through the roof. Most recently, the company’s market capitalization passed the magic mark of $ 1 trillion. For comparison: Apple is worth more than 2.5 billion dollars.

9.2 million Tesla shares sold

Wood also sees no problem with Musk selling off some of his Tesla shares to pay taxes and settle loans. Since a corresponding survey via Twitter as to whether he should sell ten percent of his Tesla shares, Musk has already sold 9.2 million shares according to CNBC – and raised around 9.9 billion dollars. In addition, on Tuesday he redeemed options to buy 2.15 million Tesla shares – the reason why the billion dollar taxes are incurred and Musk has to sell shares to pay them off. Overall, it is probably about a return of 28 billion dollars.

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