Torres announces ex-STF security chief as new PF general director – 06/04/2021 – Panel

The new Minister of Justice, Anderson Torres, chose Paulo Gustavo Maiurino for the post of director-general of the Federal Police. He was security secretary of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) until September 2020.

The delegate will assume the position in place of Rolando de Souza, who had been chosen by Alexandre Ramagem, general director of Abin.

At the Federal Highway Police, Eduardo Aggio will replace Inspector Silvinei Vasques.

With the completion of the exchange, the Bolsonaro government has its fourth PF general director. Before Rolando, Maurício Valeixo and Alexandre Ramagem were in charge.

Maiurino’s curriculum says that he has been a special institutional security adviser to the National Council of Justice (CNJ) since September 2020. Before that, he was STF security secretary, member of the Rio de Janeiro state public security council (Jan. .2019 to Sept.2020) and Sports Secretary in the management Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB-SP) (May.2016 to May.2018).

He was also a special advisor to the Federal District Security Secretariat in the management of Agnelo Queiroz (PT).

The PF command is considered strategic by Bolsonaro and was at the center of the president’s dispute with former Minister of Justice Sergio Moro.

In resigning from the government, Moro accused Bolsonaro of trying to politically interfere in the PF, the body that maintains investigations around allies and the presidential family.

Last month, the PF opened an investigation to ascertain the alleged influence peddling of Jair Renan, son 04 of the president, through Bolsonaro Jr Eventos e Mídia, a company opened in November.

The inquiry was initiated based on a request made by the Attorney General’s Office in the Federal District, on March 8, as revealed by the Panel, of the sheet.

The measure was taken by the Prosecutor’s Office based on representations moved by Deputy Ivan Valente (PSOL-SP) and Senators Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP) and Humberto Costa (PT-PE), who cited reports from Veja and sheet.

Veja revealed in November that Renan visited the premises of a business group from Espírito Santo that sells construction material. Soon after, the magazine reported, they donated an electric car to Renan, valued at R $ 80,000, and managed to present a project to the Minister of Regional Development, Rogério Marinho.

Me and sheet revealed in December that the coverage with photos and videos of Renan’s inauguration party, in October, was carried out free of charge by a producer of digital content and corporate communication, Astronautas Filmes, which provides services to the federal government.

Only last year, the company received at least R $ 1.4 million from the Bolsonaro government. The company provided services to the ministries of Education, Health and Civil Affairs.

Councilman Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicanos-RJ) was questioned by the PF last year, in the investigation of anti-democratic acts by the Supreme Court (Supreme Court), an investigation that seeks to identify those responsible for attacks and offenses against the court.

Upon leaving the government, Sergio Moro said that, in addition to the director general, Bolsonaro wanted to change the PF superintendents in Rio and Pernambuco.

The former judge of Lava Jato did not explain what the reasons for Bolsonaro’s interest would be, but said that he was not presented with acceptable reasons or causes for this type of substitution.

Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (Republicanos-RJ), for example, has already been the target of a procedure on electoral misrepresentation for allegedly hiding assets in the declaration of assets to the electoral court in 2014. The PF investigated whether he had declared a property for the amount below of the real, but ended up closing the case.

The investigation about “crack” in the office of Flávio Bolsonaro in the Legislative Assembly of Rio began after a federal report pointed to a movement of R $ 1.2 million in the account of former adviser Fabrício Queiroz.

Although this case is not specifically with the PF, the agency was at the time investigating common characters. And the PF Superintendency in Rio had an investigation based on a financial intelligence report in which the name Queiroz was mentioned.

The first crisis that hit the PF had as an backdrop an investigation of social security crimes that supposedly involved one of Bolsonaro’s great allies, federal deputy Hélio Negão (PSL-RJ).

As the sheet, a dispatch from a delegate responsible for the investigation caused confusion and became the target of investigation, at the time, at the request of Sergio Moro, pressured by the president.

The document retrieved cases from previous years to raise the possibility that a man named in the inquiry was actually the parliamentarian. Then, however, he said it was not, but he sent the case to the intelligence agencies and also decreed secrecy – two procedures considered out of the standard for the type of investigation.

The suspicion of the police leadership was that it was a fraud, with the aim of generating suspicion in the PF of Rio.

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