Trade union centrals decide to support demonstrations on June 19 against Jair Bolsonaro – 06/09/2021 – Panel

In a meeting this Wednesday (9), the trade union centrals decided to support the national demonstrations against Jair Bolsonaro, scheduled for June 19th. At the first meeting, held last week, they had not reached a consensus. The Forum of Centrals is composed of CUT, Força Sindical, UGT, CTB, NCST, CSB, CSP-Conlutas, Intersindical, CGTB and Pública.

On Wednesday, the centrals also decided that they will call their own mobilization for June 18, in workplaces and public transport terminals, which will also serve to inform their members of the sanitary precautions to be taken in the act the following day.

Organizers of the first demonstration, held on May 29, saw the lack of unanimous support from trade union centrals as a factor that contributed to making the act smaller than it could have been.

This time, the centrals pledged to summon their members to strengthen the demonstration.

The main reason for the lack of unanimity among the centrals was the concern with the promotion of agglomeration during the Covid-19 pandemic. The commitment to reinforce the need for sanitary precautions in their own mobilization the day before contributed to reaching a solution on Wednesday (9).

“The trade union centrals saw May 29 as very positive. There is a clear demonstration that society wants to manifest itself against this murderous policy that the government has been carrying out, not only in health but also in the economy”, says João Carlos Gonçalves, Juruna, general secretary of Força Sindical.

The main agendas of the Fora, Bolsonaro campaign are acceleration of vaccination, emergency aid of R$ 600 and an end to police violence.

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