Traffic police: Electric scooters make the roads of St. Petersburg safer

Scientists from the traffic police came to unexpected conclusions – electric scooters are beneficial for St. Petersburg. They were often chosen instead of cars, so the roads were freed from congested streams and became safer for motorists.

Specialists of the State Traffic Inspectorate have published the results of their research on electric scooters. They showed the amazing useful qualities of these mini-vehicles that St. Petersburg residents rent on the streets of the city. It turns out that, despite numerous accidents, scooters still benefit society.

Scientists believe that after the massive excitement of people who increasingly began to use electric scooters instead of private cars, the situation on the roads has improved. Apparently, all the danger has now been taken over by the sidewalks, which become the sites of accidents almost every day. Recently, another road accident occurred in St. Petersburg – a young electric scooter did not notice the pensioner and knocked her down. After an unsuccessful fall on the asphalt, she was diagnosed with a spinal fracture.

However, the Investigative Committee of St. Petersburg is unlikely to agree with such a statement. After massive raids on children, searches were carried out in almost all of the largest kick-sharing services in the city. The reason was the investigation under Article 238 of the Criminal Code – the provision of services that do not meet safety requirements.


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