Transition in PE identifies BRL 750 million committed to end-of-term acts – 11/25/2022 – Panel

The transition committee of the government of Pernambuco identified R$ 750 million committed by Governor Paulo Câmara (PSB) at the end of his term. Among the dispatches mapped are the hiring of civil servants, resources for new works to be completed next year and the assignment of public land.

One of the cases involves the hiring of 150 temporary employees by the Treasury Department, already after the second shift. Another is the expropriation of land in amounts that add up to R$ 190 million, according to the vice-governor-elect Priscila Krause (Cidadania).

Also calling the attention of future management was the submission to the Legislative Assembly of Pernambuco of 15 projects within a period of four days, ceding land in the state to third parties.

But one of the points that aroused the greatest concern in the management of Raquel Lyra (PSDB) was the authorization for the construction of a new prison in the Complexo do Curado, in the amount of R$ 84 million, with waiver of bidding, due to the construction method. Planning foresees that 10% of the contract will be completed this year, but the remainder would have to be paid in 2023, with no budget forecast.

“We don’t even question the unenforceability of bidding. But we are concerned, because the budget allocation, R$ 20 million, is far from what is needed”, says Krause.

In addition, the future government identified the assignment of 8,000 square meters to a consortium of companies to install submarine cables for internet access at Espaço Ciência, a museum dedicated to scientific innovation. He also questioned the conclusion of an agreement for the dredging of the Port of Suape in the amount of BRL 480 million, with more than BRL 200 million already transferred in 2022.

“The current management continues to practice its administrative acts and has legitimacy for this. We only reflect on whether they effectively serve the interest of the people of Pernambuco at this time, at the entrance of a new management. We are concerned from a political point of view and, above all, , from an administrative and planning point of view for a new government”, criticizes Krause.

When contacted, Paulo Câmara stated through his advisor that he regretted that a month after the election, the vice-governor-elect did not “step down from the platform”.

“Almost 10,000 pages have already been sent in response to the letters received. Unfortunately, the vice-governor-elect only found time to have a face-to-face meeting with the government team and none with any specific secretariat”, he says in a note.

Regarding hiring at the Treasury Secretariat, the current government says that they do not represent an increase in staff, only the replacement of a finalized contract with a new one.

The current management also denies that there are expropriations worth R$ 190 million and clarifies that the assignment of land is the state’s counterpart for the Recife city government’s program to build kindergartens, most of which are adjacent to state schools.

As for submarine cables, he says that the assignment of the land is equivalent to 6% of the 120 thousand of space and will place Pernambuco on a much higher level of data transmission with internet of international quality.

About the prison, he guarantees that the origin of the resources will be defined until the end of the term. With regard to the port of Suape, he says that he reached the conclusion of a dispute that had been dragging on for more than a decade in an agreement with a 45% discount in favor of Pernambuco.

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