Treasure found on Paveletskaya Square in Moscow

88 copper coins were hidden in the 15th-16th centuries

A treasure of small denomination coins was discovered by archaeologists in the capital. 88 copper coins, for which in the 15th-16th centuries it was possible to eat very modestly for only a week, was found on Paveletskaya Square. This and other finds were presented by the head of the Department of Cultural Heritage Alexei Yemelyanov, and also spoke about plans for the upcoming archaeological season.

According to the head of the Moscow City Heritage Site, despite the fact that the copper treasure had a small face value, it is unique. He says that not the most wealthy people lived here, for whom even such a penny was of great value. The bag containing the pool coins was presumably made of leather and had already decayed by the time of discovery.

In addition, other coins were found on Paveletskaya Square – during the reign of Elizabeth Petrovna, Catherine II, Paul I, Nicholas I and Nicholas II.

Caught in the catch of researchers in the same area and household items. For example, two toys: a pewter horseman with a saber and a ceramic peasant woman with a scythe of the late 19th – early 20th centuries. The found collection of tableware can be divided into replicas of Western and Eastern masters. It included the throat of a glass damask with an imitation of the English mark, a Turkish-type smoking pipe, a porcelain plate with a mark in English, but made in Russia.

“Last year we found about 15 thousand artifacts,” says Emelyanov. – This year, work is planned at 800 sites. The most ambitious will be held on the territory of the Orphanage in Kitaygorodsky passage. Research is also planned at the intersection of Sretenka Street and Pushkarev Lane and on the territory of the Novodevichy Convent. Two thirds of the sites are located in New Moscow. This is the Izmalkovo estate in the Vnukovskoye settlement, the villages of Kuzovlevo 3, Ryzhovo 1 and 2, Zabolotye 1 and 2.

According to Yemelyanov, employees of the Department process more than 10 thousand finds every year. This year, 500 artifacts have already been put in order.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28557 of June 11, 2021

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For scientists, Paveletskaya Square has become monetary


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