Trevor Noah Tears Russia Over Brittney Griner Conviction

On “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah said he hoped the sentencing was a bargaining tactic and that President Biden could now trade a Russian war criminal for Griner.

“Anyone America has in jail, send them to Russia. Yeah, it looks like they’re winning, but remember that person now has to live in Russia. Yeah Yeah. They’ll get there and be like, [imitating a Russian criminal] “This whole country is a prison. I miss the food in Alcatraz, no! » — TREVOR NOAH

“They had so many requests for their product line that to keep up, they had to eliminate the Choco Taco and all of its popular toppings, like the choco-mole at the table.” — STAGE COLBERT

On Thursday’s “Tonight Show,” Brad Pitt gave Jimmy Fallon an idea of ​​what to expect from his new movie “Bullet Train.”

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