Trump ‘Replica’ of the Oval Office at his Florida Resort – 4/8/2021 – World

Former President Donald Trump set up an office at his resort in Mar-a-Lago that resembles the Oval Office at the White House. An image of the site was posted on a social network by one of his aides, Stephen Miller

The Republican took to his new residence in Florida several symbols of his tenure as president. The Politico website made a detailed analysis of the photo of the office and pointed out that the chair used by Trump is the same one in which he sat in the White House.

The worktable resembles the Resolution Desk, used for decades by US presidents. The model currently used by Trump appears to be Telluride Wood, a desk for sale on a furniture website for $ 3,600.

On the table, there is a wooden box with the presidential seal, given as a gift to Trump, in addition to a replica of the plaque on the opening of a section of the wall on the border with Mexico, one of the symbols of his administration, which has not been finalized. .

The Politician also noticed that there is a Sharpie pen on the table, the type used to write on whiteboards. In 2019, Trump showed a map with the predicted route of a hurricane, but with the content altered by a pen of the type, in order to ignore the analysis of meteorologists.

Behind his desk, there are a series of “challenge coins”, commemorative coins that are exchanged between soldiers, as a sign of recognition. The former president, who stands as a defender of the Armed Forces, received several of them during his term.

Next to them is a statue of Trump himself and a mug with the presidential seal.

On the small table on the other side, there are family photos. On the walls, other references to time in the White House: one picture shows Air Force One flying over Washington, and the other, Mount Rushmore, where portraits of former US presidents were carved.

After leaving the Presidency in January, Trump moved to Mar-a-Lago. Just before leaving office, he was banned from the main social networks, where he used to post many messages, for stimulating speeches of violence.

The Republican has criticized the government of his successor, Joe Biden, and seeks to continue influencing the direction of his party. In a speech in February, he hinted that he might try to run for the White House again in 2024.

According to Forbes, Trump currently has a total fortune of $ 2.4 billion.


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