‘Trust,’ by Domenico Starnone book review

For the narrator, no shadow feels so chilly as that of an old troublesome love, a “troubled love.” The expression is apropos in more ways than one, since it’s the title of another novel about a family in disarray, and its author, like Starnone, comes from Naples: Elena Ferrante. She debuted with “L’Amore Molesto” in 1992, and then as now, “Ferrante” was a pseudonym. With the phenomenal success of her Neapolitan Quartet, however, readers sought the truth. In Italy, suspicion fell at once on Starnone, gifted and prolific, working in a similar vein. Nowadays, the question remains open; the most reliable research identifies Ferrante as the translator Anita Raja — Starnone’s wife — but neither writer will confirm or deny.

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