Tu-4 plane crashed in 1954 was found in Primorye – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The Aviapoisk detachment found the remains of several crew members at the site of the crash of a Tu-4 heavy strategic bomber in the Yakovlevsky region, reports TASS with reference to the head of the detachment, Yaroslav Livansky.

“In two days we raised the scattered remains of four or five people, a total of seven parachutes, quite a lot of personal belongings of the crew members,” Livansky said.

According to him, during the work, things with the surname Godin were twice caught, in particular, it was found on the navigator’s ruler in a bag, a paratrooper’s ID was also found, but whose name is not clear – due to its poor condition, it cannot be opened.

The search engines have collected fragments suitable for a museum exhibition, raised damaged air cannons, and they are also planned to be transferred to the museum in the future.

Earlier, on their pages on social networks, the squad members reported that they had begun work at the crash site. According to one of the local residents, the plane crashed on August 28, 1954. During the flight, one of the engines caught fire, after which the aircraft went into an uncontrollable fall and in a sheer dive crashed into a swamp. Five crew members managed to leave the plane by parachute, the rest remained inside. The machine, weighing about 50 tons, 30 meters long and with a wingspan of 43 meters, almost completely entered the swampy ground to a depth of at least four meters.


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