Tucker Carlson bemoans ivermectin shortage

Tucker carlson got back on the ivermectin train Monday night, stopping in Quackville to talk with a psychiatrist who claimed that the antiparasitic drug is also an effective treatment for Covid-19. (It’s not.)

The drug, which can be used to treat certain parasites in humans and animals, has inexplicably gained popularity in some right-wing media circles. As a result, many states have reported an increase in poison control calls related to ivermectin. In addition, food stores have reported customers purchasing a livestock dewormer to use on themselves.

“Every night this week,” said the Fox News host, “we’re going to do a segment on treatments for Covid. So if you catch Covid, what are your options?

As has been noted around the world, the Covid vaccine is the best way to prevent Covid in the first place. And if a vaccinated person gets a breakthrough case, they are much less likely to require hospitalization or die. Over 97% of those who are hospitalized with Covid are now unvaccinated people, who also now account for over 99% of deaths from Covid-19. As for ivermectin, it is not effective treatment for Covid-19, but people keep asking for that anyway.

But of course, let’s talk about a drug that is in my dog’s heartworm kibble.

The Fox News host cited an article in the American Journal of Therapeutics suggesting that ivermectin led to “significant reductions in mortality”. What he did not mention was that the document in question was based in part on a study in Egypt which was later retracted after that it was likely to contain fabricated data and plagiarism.

Carlson then welcomed Dr. Marc McDonald, once again, a psychiatrist, who claimed that ivermectin had helped pandemic patients in an area of ​​India.

“It could be a lifeline,” McDonald said. “This drug that has been shown to be safe, incredibly safe and incredibly effective for parasitic infections in children. It was so effective that the inventor won a Nobel Prize just a few years ago. [It] has in many ways cured this viral pandemic in the countries where it was instituted. Most recently in Uttar Pradesh in India.

Carlson claimed – and McDonald agreed – that major drugstore chains in some cases refused to fill prescriptions for ivermectin.

“But you can buy Xanax by the pound,” Carlson replied, referring to a benzodiazepine that you certainly can’t buy “by the pound.”

As Carlson cited an obscure and questionable academic article and McDonald noted the presumed efficacy of ivermectin in Uttar Pradesh, an ongoing global ‘clinical trial’ involving two billion fully vaccinated people continues to show that getting vaccinated in the first place is the best and the safest. way to fight Covid-19.

Watch above via Fox News.

This is an opinion piece. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author alone.

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