Turkey, Russia agree to switch to ruble-denominated trade – Erdogan

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that at a meeting held on August 5 in Sochi with his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin an agreement was reached on the transition to bilateral trade in rubles. The statements of the Turkish leader to journalists of the presidential pool upon his return from Sochi are quoted by the TRT channel.

“At a meeting in Sochi with respected Putin, we agreed on the ruble as [денежной] unit in trade. Since we will be doing our trading in rubles, this will, of course, become a serious source of income for Turkey and Russia. In addition, there is a map “World”. It is currently accepted by five of our banks. There are very serious advances in this matter, which will ultimately improve the conditions for the stay of tourists coming from Russia. They will be able to make purchases, pay for hotels. During the visit, negotiations were held by the heads of the Central Banks of our countries,” Erdogan said, without specifying the agenda of the meeting.

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