Turkish intelligence accused of kidnapping Erdogan’s opponent near Russia

Under the above title, Yevgeny Krutikov and Yevgeny Pogrebnyak wrote, in “Vezgliad”, about the operations of Turkish intelligence in many countries.

The article states: In recent years, Turkish intelligence has kidnapped dozens of people in different countries of the world, and now such an incident has occurred in Kyrgyzstan. At least, supporters believe the head of the network of Turkish schools there, Orhan Inanda, who has vanished from this account. This story seems especially strange against the background of the beginning of the visit of the President of Kyrgyzstan to Ankara.

Turkish schools were built and opened by people close to the famous Turkish preacher and dissident Fethullah Gulen, who now lives in the United States. In addition to Kyrgyzstan, similar educational centers have been opened in more than a hundred countries (including Russia).

According to various estimates, the number of FETÖ members kidnapped outside Turkey has ranged between 31 and 200 since 2016, that is, after the coup attempt that Fethullah Gülen was accused of organizing. The number of 200 people was mentioned at the time by Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu. While other sources mention different numbers. But here it is about the degree of insight.

The list of countries in which Turkish intelligence carried out such operations is long. Suleiman Soylu spoke about 20 countries. Certainly Malaysia, Pakistan, Kosovo, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Gabon and Myanmar. In the past two months, Kenya has been added to this list. The Turks consider the operation they carried out in Nairobi a great success. There they kidnapped the nephew of Fethullah Gulen, Salah al-Din, a member of the high command of the Gulen organization and his lover.

All these kidnappings can be considered unfriendly acts towards those countries where Turkish agents are pursuing Erdogan’s opponents. Surprisingly, no country has yet responded in any way to the heinous attacks perpetrated by the Turkish intelligence.

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