Tuzikov and Bobikov offered to teach how to catch pawns

Dogs can help find a forbidden potion

An unusual way to combat drug “bookmarks” was proposed by public figures. Experts of the Russian Public Initiative believe that the four-legged helpers of the townspeople should look for illegal drugs in parks and on the streets.

The authors of the idea complain that the drug problem has already become a national disaster. The police fail to search for a prohibited potion: there are few service dogs trained for narcotic and psychotropic substances. To increase the contingent of four-legged detectives, activists propose to create a network of cynological stations in the cities. Any dog ​​breeder will be able to send his pet to a training course there. After that, the dog will not only become more obedient, but also learn to sniff out caches with illegal drugs. The main advantage of this concept is that the search for drugs will become virtually continuous. Whenever the owner takes his tailed friend for a walk, he will be able to find the cache.

ROI experts note that the project needs to be worked out together with DVA, where they have addressed their initiative.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” # 28646 dated October 15, 2021

Newspaper headline:
Tuzikov and Bobikov want to teach how to catch drug dealers


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