Twitter was fined 4 million rubles for non-compliance with Russian laws

The social network Twitter was fined 4 million rubles for non-compliance with Russian legislation, the press service of Roskomnadzor reported.

The department explained that the company did not comply with the requirement to localize the database of Russian users. In addition, the social network has not yet removed 490 materials that have been declared banned in Russia. On the fact of violations, 10 reports on administrative offenses were drawn up.

“To date, the courts have considered all the protocols, the total amount of fines for not deleting prohibited information is 27.9 million rubles. For non-compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation on data localization – 4 million rubles,” the message says.

Violations were also identified in the work of Google and YouTube. According to Roskomnadzor, since 2015 they have not removed more than 5.2 thousand prohibited materials and have not localized the processing of personal data. In addition, Google does not remove up to 30% of malicious content from search results. For all the time, the company was fined 15.2 million rubles.

Social networks Facebook and Instagram for 6 years have not removed more than 3.7 thousand prohibited materials and also have not localized data in Russia. In relation to Facebook, 13 protocols were drawn up, and the total amount of fines is almost 47 million rubles.

Roskomnadzor recalled that in relation to Internet platforms that do not comply with Russian laws, measures may be taken to slow down or completely limit traffic.


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