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Twitter said that the archive of records from the blocked account of the 45th US President Donald Trump will not be available on the microblogging service platform. This was announced on Thursday, April 8, by the CBS television company.

“Given that we blocked @realDonaldTrump (Trump’s personal account – Ed.), The content of this account will not be displayed on Twitter, as it was before and as the administration now displays the contents of archived accounts,” a service representative told the TV company.

On April 8, the US National Archives and Records Administration announced its intention to post tweets previously posted by Trump. Remote publications will also be made available to the public.

Twitter, in turn, noted that the company keeps records in accordance with the law, but does not unblock the posts of the ex-president. Trump’s Twitter account was permanently banned in early January. As reported in the administration of the social network, the reason for this decision was the risk of incitement to violence after the storming of the Capitol by supporters of the ex-president of the United States on January 6.

On February 11, it became known that Twitter will not return Trump access to its service, even if he again takes public office.

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