two days of “electric” debates in the Hemicycle

STORY – Gathered to examine the bill relating to the health crisis, the deputies engaged in intense debates.

In front of the benches responsible for the National Assembly, Cédric O speaks. “It’s either sanitary pass, or new health constraints. It’s either a sanitary pass or a curfew. (…) It’s either a sanitary pass, or reconfinement. The rest is literature ”, insists the Secretary of State for the Digital Transition, before being applauded – and booed – by parliamentarians.

To her left, the elected Insoumise Caroline Fiat shouts at “blackmail”. To his right, Republican MP Patrick Hetzel accuses the government of “Divide the nation”. In the center, members of the majority try to moderate. “There is no longer any need to demonstrate that Parliament plays an essential role”, assures the macronist rapporteur of the text, Jean-Pierre Pont.

The scene, “electricIllustrates the intensity of the debates which occupied the parliamentarians for two days. Faced with the 1000 or so amendments to be examined – each time giving their authors time to speak – elected officials were forced to play extra time, in particular by postponing the examination of the separatism bill to Friday. With one imperative: adopt the new health measures overnight from Thursday to Friday to allow the legislative shuttle to take its course.

Extension of the sanitary pass «inapplicable» according to Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (Debout la France), “Flawed solutions that tense society” for the socialist Valérie Rabault, “Arbitrary measures” and “Total inconsistency” according to the president of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen …

The two days of discussions also forced members of the government to provide after-sales service for their measures. “The longer we delay, (…) the more we risk finding ourselves at the foot of an epidemic wall” warned the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran. If the virus could watch us I think tonight he would be quite happy and he would pour himself a little beer, he again launched. To govern is to make choices that we don’t like. This is courage in politics.»

Lively exchanges

Lively exchanges that blew some elected officials. “We are wasting time, we are in a debate completely disconnected from the reality and the concerns of the French”, complained to the Figaro the elected LREM Cendra Motin. Faced with criticism from the opposition, the member for Isère denounces “Political postures”. “It’s amazing because there is a consensus on the issue. All political groups have been consulted, she castigates. We have the impression of being beaten by everyone. We are not exhausted, but we are nervously fragile ”, deplores the Walker.

Paroxysm of tension within the Palais Bourbon, a suspension of the session was demanded after the intervention of Martine Wonner, recently excluded from her group Libertés et Territoires for having called for “Invade the offices of parliamentarians” as a sign of opposition to the bill. “My dear colleagues, you are totally above ground!”, she shouted under the boos of elected officials from all sides. “She says anything, she’s completely nuts”, a parliamentary regular lost his temper in private.

Although intense, the debates did not have anything of“excessive” according to the socialist vice-president of the Assembly, David Habib, who chaired part of the sessions. “Among the French, everyone feels concerned and wants to make their opinion known. It should therefore come as no surprise that there is such an interest in the Chamber ”, he observes. And to add: “It’s a real agora with varied expressions on a major subject. When you have more than 400 deputies still present in the middle of the night, something is going on. ”


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